Nutrition Counselling and Coaching

All the nutrition messages out there can be confusing. One 'expert' tells you not to eat a food, another tells you eat it.


Even if you manage to figure out what to do, you find yourself struggling with cravings or life gets in the way and you fall 'off the wagon,' then vow to 'get back on track' the next day... or Monday.

It can make you feel like something is wrong with you but the truth is the problem isn't you- it's the eating plan that doesn't suit your life! When you try to follow what works for someone else, you aren't paying attention to what works for your life- your likes and dislikes, your schedule, your internal cues of hunger and fullness, and your health and eating history.

That's where I come in- after a nutrition assessment where we review your health and eating history, lifestyle, and eating pattern, I'll act as a guide to help you come up with a plan to improve your eating, and eat according to your internal cues to improve your relationship with food and your health. In follow-ups, I'll act as a coach and a guide to work towards your goals so you can get off the diet roller coaster and focus your time and energy on what matters to you.

There's no such thing as the 'perfect diet' because everyone is different! Get personalized guidance to find the way of eating that works for you and your life.

Note: As I am a registered healthcare practitioner, my services may be covered under your extended healthcare plan! Check with your extended healthcare plan for more information. Direct billing is available in Yellowknife for some healthcare plans to make my services more accessible!


Nutrition Assessment

60-90 minutes ($150)

Whether you're looking to improve your relationship with food or better manage your blood sugars, it starts with a nutrition assessment. During this session, we will go through your health history, current eating habits, and what you want to improve with your eating. Together, we will find strategies to help you improve your eating for the long-term.

Nutrition Follow-up

45 minutes ($85)

Together, we will continue to work on your area of concern when it comes to food to help you improve your eating. I will act as a coach and continue to guide you towards your goals!

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