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"Full" and "Satisfied" AREN'T the same thing. Here's why that's important.

May 10, 2017

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February 28, 2017

I'm super excited to introduce my first guest blog post here at Pulse Nutrition YK! I've written about carbohydrate timing and I wanted to do a post on protein timing but I realized my friend Kirsten Oilund RD had done such an amazing job already on this topic that there was no point in re-inventing the wheel!

Before we get started, let me take a minute to tell you a bit about Kirsten! She and I actually went to nutrition school together back in the day but I didn't get to know her well until we worke...

February 22, 2017

Shame is a topic I've been thinking a lot lately as it applies to my work. I see it in two major places: food shame and body shame. Food shaming is something that has become all too common in our culture. This was recently highlighted in Australia when a mother received a note saying she had sent a 'bad food' with her child to school. We also see it in the judgement of bodies: we saw this recently with the body shaming of Lady Gaga during her performance at the Super bowl and let's be real: if she do...

February 15, 2017

It's a phrase I hear a lot when I speak to people- "I'm addicted to sugar" or "I'm addicted to chocolate." Sometimes people really mean this phrase and sometimes they just mean they eat more of these foods than they think they 'should.' A few years ago, a book came out on the subject called Food Junkies, which after hearing about it I picked up and read right away. I'll admit I was intrigued by the idea- was this what was really going on with so many of my clients? Is the solution to really just cut...

February 10, 2017

Recently I talked about fuelling before your workouts but what about during and after? I get the question fairly frequently from clients if they need to eat during activity and/ or immediately afterwards for recovery. The answer really depends on your activity, how long you're being active for, and if you have another event you're participating in within the next 24 hours. It also depends on you and your body because everyone is a little bit different! Keep reading for more details!

Do I need to fuel...

February 7, 2017

Today I want to talk about the approach healthcare takes for helping people manage chronic diseases like diabetes. Recently, I met a healthcare practitioner and we were talking about our prospective fields. I told her that I had worked in Chronic Disease Management for a long time, including diabetes and obesity and that I was currently doing a lot of training in treating eating disorders and Intuitive Eating and now worked from a Health At Every Size® framework. Her reaction was something I wouldn't...

January 24, 2017

I've been talking a lot about our relationship with food lately and I want to bring another piece to that. One of my passions is sport nutrition because truly fuelling your body in a way that gives you the energy you need to do the movement that brings you enjoyment is such a powerful thing. In our society, carbohydrates seem like they have become public enemy #1 and this is hurting our ability to enjoy being active!

A few months ago, I posted about the importance of getting enough carbohydrates for a...

January 17, 2017

Just like many of us have an unhealthy relationship with food, the same can be said about exercise. I can't even count the number of times I've spoken to clients who profess their absolute hatred for the activity they're doing in the name of managing their weight. The thing is that exercise isn't something that you should force yourself to do in the name of calorie burning and weight loss! Movement has SO many benefits ranging from lowering blood pressure to improving your sleep but the weight loss e...

January 10, 2017

I realized that I haven't posted a recipe in a while so today I'm posting my current favourite breakfast- chai spiced pear oatmeal! It's high in fibre and it's got protein and healthy fat to keep you going during the morning and can be made gluten-free and vegan! Best of all, it's delicious! I like to make a batch on the weekend without heating like overnight oats then heat it up in the morning before work for a quick and easy breakfast!

 Chai Spiced Pear Oatmeal

Serves 2-3

What you'll need:

Knife a...

November 22, 2016

Many foods included on plant-based diets are high FODMAP so can you follow it for IBS issues if you don't eat meat? You sure can but it requires planning! I was in a course about the low-FODMAP diet and the dietitian instructing the course mentioned that vegetarians would have a really hard time with the diet, so I wanted to figure out how to do it! One of my friends who is a vegan was told by her dietitian and gastroenterologist that she probably wouldn't be able to do the low FODMAP diet since she...

November 17, 2016

As much as I try to meal plan, there are some days that it doesn't happen and I don't really feel like cooking. On those days, it's nice to have something quick, nutritious, and filling like this bruschetta pasta. It's great with a salad or raw veggies on the side or you could add some greens to up the veggies and have it on its own!

I had written up this recipe a while ago and hadn't gotten around to posting it. I was looking through drafts and found it! When I was updating it, I was doing the elimin...

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