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"Full" and "Satisfied" AREN'T the same thing. Here's why that's important.

May 10, 2017

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There are so many diets, cleanses, and lifestyle changes out there with tips to help you 'trick yourself' into eating less than your body needs. Many of these tips involve tips to make you ‘feel full’ with very few calories but while this may act on stretch-receptors in the stomach to make your stomach physically full, satiety and appetite is a lot more complicated than that!

Instead, these 'tricks' usually lead to feeling hungry and deprived! (Note: I’m not going to list any of them to avoid triggeri...

As a dietitian who believes all foods fit, I'm not exactly what people expect when they hear the word "dietitian." When people find out what my profession is while they're eating, they often try to hide any treats they may be eating or say something along the lines of "don't look at what I'm eating!"  I would like to say that you don't have to make an excuse or hide what you're eating- I promise you, I'm not judging you for what you're eating. Most dietitians aren't either.

Before I went into pri...

Nutrition can seem confusing. One day a food is called good for you, the next day it's not in the media. There is one factor that rarely seems to be in question though: eating vegetables are good for you, right? Except on this one diet that says carrots have too much sugar.... and peas too... oh and don't even get started on fruit.... 

This is one thing that I find so frustrating in the nutrition world. Only 1 in 4 Canadians get the minimum recommended 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day and i...

I wrote last week about 3 things you need to address if you're eating to cope with emotions including eating enough, self-care, and stopping food rules. So let's say that you've been working on those three factors, although they take time by the way, but you're still really struggling. So what do you do now? The first step is trying to figure out what is really going on. Take a pause and try to notice the thoughts you're telling yourself. What are you saying?  

Before we go any further, I wa...

As some of you may know, March is Nutrition Month! This year's theme is 'Take the Fight out of Food!" Today I'm going to be discussing eating to cope with emotions- something that can make it feel like you're in a never-ending battle with food!

When it comes to discussing eating to cope with emotions, the first thing that gets discussed is what to do instead. Often there is a discussion of taking a bath, reading a book, going for a walk, etc. The problem with this way of thinking is it isn't addressin...

February 15, 2017

It's a phrase I hear a lot when I speak to people- "I'm addicted to sugar" or "I'm addicted to chocolate." Sometimes people really mean this phrase and sometimes they just mean they eat more of these foods than they think they 'should.' A few years ago, a book came out on the subject called Food Junkies, which after hearing about it I picked up and read right away. I'll admit I was intrigued by the idea- was this what was really going on with so many of my clients? Is the solution to really just cut...

September 27, 2016

Cooking for one is a topic that that I frequently discuss with clients, although I will admit for a long time I’ll admit I didn’t really understand why it was a

September 19, 2016

If I were to pinpoint one of the top reasons many people struggle with weight management, it would be emotional eating. There are so many people who eat to deal

September 12, 2016

In my last post, I mentioned the concept of Mindful Eating but didn’t go very in-depth. Today I want to elaborate on this idea because I think whatever your nut

September 3, 2016

Note: since writing this blog post, my knowledge in the area of intuitive eating has increased so the answer to this question is a big NO to counting calories. If you want more information on why this is, you can check out a post here about why I have made this shift. I highly encourage you to read that one instead.

It’s September, which is a time of year lots of people look for a fresh start when it comes to their health and eating. Often, this means people are interested in managing their weight. So...

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